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Chemical Engineering Program Receives High Praise from IChemE Accreditation assessors

The Chemical Engineering Program of the School of Chemical Engineering at Tianjin University was accredited at “Master Level” by the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) in 2008. According to the IChemE regulations, the accreditation is valid for a period of 5 years.

On April 1, 2014, IChemE accreditation assessors travelled to Tianjin University for an on-site visit and program evaluation. They held a meeting with President Li Jiajun on TJU Chemical engineering’s current development, outcomes, and future development. Assessors had discussions with different groups including current students, graduates, and employers to gather feedback and determine a level of satisfaction for this program. In addition, they carefully evaluated the teaching materials, including program structure, course syllabuses, research project reports, design project reports, examination papers, and assignments, as well as internship and experiments reports. They discussed thoroughly on entry requirements, innovative features, safety, health & environment culture and practice, assessment and quality assurance, resources with the faculty and staff representatives.. Subsequently, they toured of the facilities, including the teaching labs, research labs, and the school's computer center.

After a 2-day assessment, on April 2, the assessors gave a report on the re-accreditation of this program. Vice President Yuan Yingjin, and the representatives of the Office of Undergraduate Affairs and the School of Chemical Engineering attended the meeting. The assessors highly praised the program of the Chemical Engineering, in terms of the excellent intake standards, the comprehensive, modern and forward-looking chemical engineering curriculum, excellent research opportunities and experiences for the students, the strong safety culture , the robust and effective quality assurance and staff development processes, the excellent staff resources, the excellent physical facilities. They unanimously agreed that the program had met the full academic requirement for IChemE registration as a Chartered Chemical Engineer. The result would be reported to the IChemE’s education and accreditation Forum for review, and then a final conclusion and detailed report would be issued.

For years, the Chemical Engineering Program has focused on integration with the development of the chemical industry and prestigious international universities’ education reforms in chemical engineering. By constantly deepening reform, it has achieved remarkable results and acknowledged recognition from counterparts and employer groups in China and abroad.

In 2008,Bachelor of Engineering(BEng) Degree program in Chemical Engineering accredited by IChemE at “Master Level”. It is the first IChemE certification in China and Tianjin University become the second university accredited by IChemE at "Master Level" in Asia. In April 2014, SCET passed the IChemE accreditation renewal successfully.

TJU MBA, EMBA, MPA Obtain Accreditation 

The MBA, EMBA, MPA programs at Tianjin University (TJU) have been accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA), one of the three main global accreditation bodies in business education. TJU is the first university in China to obtain accreditation covering three master programs at the same time, while receiving the longest accreditation of five years. This accreditation marks that the professional degree education of the College of Management and Economics at TU has reached international standards.

It is unusual for MBA, EMBA, MPA programs to pass accreditation at the same time. This accreditation permits TJU management’s presence as world-class provider in business education that symbolizes the business elites training at TJU catering for the economic transformation in China, the socio-economic development of the whole city area, but also the needs of global business exploration in today’s interconnected world.

President Li Jiajun pointed out that AMBA accreditation was favorable to the development of TJU’s discipline of management. It would promote TJU’s integration with international business education and training of top management talent with Chinese characteristics, and thereby providing inspiration to TJU’s whole development.

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