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Tianjin University organizes extracurricular activities for all the students from over 20 colleges as well as supervises and guides more than 30 student sport associations. Also Tianjin University undertakes training, management and competition work for four high-level sport teams and twelve ordinary student teams. 

1. High-level Sport Teams
In order to improve the training level, athletic ability, and to strengthen the management and structure of the high-level sport teams, we actively explore training models that are suitable for high-level athletes. 

In 2015, our high-level sport teams achieved good results in various events. 

The swimming team won three gold, six silver and two bronze medals in the 2015 Chinese College Student Swimming Championships. The Men's 4x100 meters freestyle relay team won the championships, and achieved a new breakthrough; Chen Quanrun was the runner-up in the men's group A division B100 freestyle and broke the record in this category. The team also won nine gold, six silver and three bronze medals during the 2015 Tianjin College Student Swimming Championships. 

The track and field team won twelve gold, eight silver and five bronze medals in the 2015 Tianjin College Student track and field meet, and won a gold medal and a fifth place in the 15th Chinese College Student Athletics Championships.  


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2. Physical Education Curriculums
Tianjin University offers 23 physical education curriculums including football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, tennis, baseball, softball, pearl ball, foot shuttlecock, cricket, martial art, free combat, taekwondo, self-defense, shadowboxing, Sport Health Preservation, sports dancing, street dancing, aerobics, yoga, roller skating, physical fitness and a health care course. 


Scope of the Teaching Objects: physical education curriculums are compulsory courses for freshmen, sophomores and the grade one students in higher vocational school. They are also optional courses for juniors and seniors. The total number of students attending physical education courses is over 8,400.

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3. Sports Halls 

Tianjin University sports venues contain the Stadium, The The Old Gymnasium, The Swimming Center, and The New Gymnasium on Weijin Road Campus, as well as the Qiushi Assembly Hall, The Sports Complex, and the Datong Student Center on Peiyang Park Campus. 


Introduction of Tianjin University sports venues on Weijin Road Campus: 

Tianjin University stadium covers an area of 87,077 square meters. It was completed and put into use in October 2002. Two standard track and fields were connected, with the total area of 36500 square meters. The west field and football field opened after repair in September 2015. West field has nine 400m runways, ten 100m tracks, the football field was covered by 50mm imported mixed artificial grass and the supplementary motor area was covered by 25mm artificial straight grass. 


The stadium contains 24 standard basketball courts, including four polyurethane plastic courts, fifteen hard acrylic venues, two standard lighted courts, with the remaining courts all being installed with lights for extracurricular activities in the evening. The stadium also contains ten volleyball fields, thirteen tennis courts (including eight light and plastic fields, and six standard hard courts), one thick polyurethane plastic playground, and one tennis wall fifty meters in length. 

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4. Sports Meeting 

Founded in 1895 as Peiyang University, Tianjin University (TJU) is the first university in China. As the pioneer of modern higher education in China, Peiyang University initiated its sports meeting in 1899, which was considered to start the modern university sports in China. 


Tianjin University inherited the long cultural history from Peiyang University, and extended the tradition to promote physical exercise as well as cultivate talents. 


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