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【Year in Review: Top Stories of 2022】 Poverty Alleviation: Consolidate Achievements


In 2022, Tianjin University has successfully helped promote the development of Tanchang County of Northwest China's Gansu province.

Crabapple Square in Dazhai Village is built, funded by Tianjin University.

We fully adopted the “Talent + Technology” policy to drive the development of the county based on its own local conditions and demands. With great supports from university leaders and improved organizational structure, Tianjin University and Tanchang County set up Crabapple Science and Technology Workstation and developed a drinking water purification system named Revitalization. Piloting the system in Dazhai Village, it would soon be applied in all other villages of Tanchang County, which is expected to address the problem of drinkable water for more than 150,000 villagers. Tianjin University staff served as temporary leaders have helped introduce more than 10 million yuan of supporting funds and 30 million yuan of investment. With the Crabapple Square built in the Dazhai village, we have constructed the village into a livable, business-friendly and beautiful rural revitalization demonstration village.

By Cheng Xiaotong

Editor: Sun Xiaofang

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