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【Year in Review: Top Stories of 2022】 Mentors: Our Teachers as well as Friends


Tianjin University adheres to the Comprehensive Reform of Talent Cultivation that participation of all in education throughout the whole process and all aspects, with focus on all - around development of students including their moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and labor. At the beginning of 2022, apart from existed counselor and head teacher, students have one more mentor specially for their academic development and daily life, including providing one-on-one advice on their choice of future majors according to their interests. They are students’ mentors as well as their friends, working together with other staff to help first-year students to have a good start from their first step of college life.

In the two-year period of employment, mentors are both teachers as well as their friends, talk to students regularly to update their puzzles and concerns for study and life. In order to cultivate young talents, mentors will, among other things, shape students’ attitudes, provide professional knowledge, give academic guidance, help with career planning and lead them into social science and innovation practice.

A mentor is talking with students.

Altogether 730 excellent teaching staff were employed as mentors for first-year undergraduates. They play a significant role in students’ college life. They can introduce subject-related issues objectively and comprehensively, help students solve practical difficulties, and guide their all-round development. Yang Xianjin, Secretary of the Party Committee of Tianjin University, gave the First Lecture to the mentors at the beginning of the semester, encouraging them to be reliable, responsible and trustworthy teachers as well as friends to students.

By Cheng Xiaotong

Editor: Sun Xiaofang

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