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【Year in Review: Top Stories of 2022】 Third Conference on Talent Work Convened


On April 25, Tianjin University convened the Third Conference on Talent Work and launched “Measures to Implement the Strategy of Development through Building Talent Team in the New Era”.

The document underlined five areas and listed ten measures which were heatedly discussed among faculty and students. The ten measures clarify the concept, principles and objectives of talent work at Tianjin University, rolling out a clear construction roadmap. Based on the advantages of Tianjin University, we determine to build a talent team to meet national needs, making our own contributions in improving scientific and technological level. Following national major strategic layout, the University accelerated the establishment of a talent evaluation system oriented by innovation, ability and contribution. To be a cradle for strategic scientists, Tianjin University has sped up its effort to gather and support first-class scientific and technological leading talents and innovation teams, and cultivate a reserve of globally competitive talents in scientific and technological field.

The Third Conference on Talent Work at Tianjin University

Last year, the University fully implemented the idea of cultivating and introducing talents proactively, ensuring continuous support and providing effective motivation and follow-up service that was recorded in the talent work conference. In the view of “Big Picture on Talent”, we carried out a comprehensive construction in all teams. We deepened the reform of teaching and scientific research series evaluation, improved the professional title evaluation and employment mechanism, redefined the role of the professor committee, and respected the evaluation results given by experts outside the school. We started to build a group of specialized, professional and diverse student counselors for the new era. We adopted the broad-banding compensation for managers and increased the incentives for outstanding personnel. We planned for a high-level experimental technology team and systematically adjusted the team structure. Over the past year, the University has been equipped with a new group of intellects, with 20 titled “National Leading Talents” and 44 “National Young Talents”. The smart grid team was listed in the second batch of “Huang Danian Type Teaching Team in Chinese Universities” by the Ministry of Education.

By Cheng Xiaotong

Editor: Sun Xiaofang

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